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A history of women photographers

  • Naomi Rosenblum
  • A history of women photographers
  • New York, London: Abbeville press publishers, 2008
  • Women have made vital contributions to photography both as a profession and as an art form from the very beginning. In every aspect of the medium -- portraiture, social and scientific documentation, advertising, photo-journalism, personal expression -- women have been highly active creators. Yet their achievements have often been overlooked and occasionally even credited to their male spouses or colleagues.With A History of Women Photographers, Dr. Naomi Rosenblum -- author of A World History of Photography -- helps set the record straight. She explores the work of some 250 women photographers, from Julia Margaret Cameron to Tina Modetti, Margaret Bourke-White, and Cindy Sherman. Her ground-breaking work provides an invitingly readable chronicle both of the women's creativity and of the challenging contexts within which they worked. In addition to the illuminating text and striking photographs are densely detailed individual biographies and an extensive annotated bibliography. All of this has made A History of Women Photographers an invaluable resource.

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